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reduce Java docker image size

How to reduce Java docker image size

If you’ve been using Java for a while, you might have noticed that starting with Java 11, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) doesn’t have a separate distribution anymore, it is only distributed as a part of Java Development Kit (JDK). As a result of this change, many official Docker images don’t offer a JRE-only image, e.g.: official openjdk images, Amazon corretto images. In my case using such an image was resulting in an app image of 414MB, where the app itself was only taking around 60MB. What a waste of space!

But fear not, as I’m going to show you how to reduce Java docker image size dramatically.

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How to control ThinkPad P14s fan speed in Linux

How to control ThinkPad P14s’ fan speed in Linux

Recently I got a new laptop for work – Lenovo ThinkPad P14s (Gen 2). I prefer running Linux on my working machines, and this one is not an exclusion. While using it I noticed that the fan speed is sometimes too high for no reason creating undesirable noise. Here’s how to control ThinkPad P14s’ fan speed in Linux using a nice tool – thinkfan.

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Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri

Ubuntu 21.10 and acpi-call-dkms bug

If you’re using a ThinkPad laptop with Ubuntu Linux, you might be probably also using a package called acpi-call-dkms. This package installs a kernel module that provides a way for software to do ACPI calls. One of the most popular program to use it – is TLP.

Unfortunately with the latest release of Ubuntu – 21.10 Impish Indri this package is partially broken, as it doesn’t seem to work with Linux kernel 5.13 because of a bug.

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