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Spring Data MongoDB MappingInstantiationException

Polymorphic fields with MongoDB and Spring Data

Depending on your needs using polymorphism might benefit different aspects of the project. For example, having a limited class hierarchy might make your code cleaner and more expressive in contrast to a single class having nullable fields or a type label. And it only seems natural to use it with document-oriented databases like MongoDB. But if you want to have a document with polymorphic fields using MongoDB and Spring Data you might face an exception similar to this: MappingInstantiationException: Failed to instantiate ...FieldType using constructor NO_CONSTRUCTOR with arguments. Let’s see why this happens and how to fix that issue properly.

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Using Liquibase with Kubernetes

Using Liquibase with Kubernetes

If you’re using Liquibase for database versioning with Kubernetes to deploy your app, you might have faced an issue when a migration gets stuck because Liquibase can’t acquire lock. It might look somewhat like this:

liquibase.exception.LockException: Could not acquire change log lock.  Currently locked by LockOwner ...
        at liquibase.lockservice.StandardLockService.waitForLock(StandardLockService.java:236)
        at liquibase.Liquibase.update(Liquibase.java:184)
        at liquibase.Liquibase.update(Liquibase.java:179)Code language: Properties (properties)
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Who stole my Spring Boot system metrics

Who stole my Spring Boot system metrics?!

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time making my team’s Grafana dashboards great again. It was all nice & fun adding domain-specific metrics to the dashboard until I realized that I can’t find any values for Spring Boot system metrics like CPU usage or memory usage. What happened to them? Who stole my system metrics?! Let’s find out.

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